Sunday, May 25, 2008


So this lands in my email inbox, totally out of the blue. (This concerns the guy I mentioned in the previous post, the one I've had a couple more conversations with since. Nice, fascinating fellow.)
Hi there,

My name is ****** and I am emailing you in regards to David *****. Your address was in his email account.

I am not sure how close you were to David but it is with deep sorrow and regret that this email is to inform you that David took his own life on --/--/----.

I was very close to him and I am offering support to his family by letting people know.

Please feel free to email me back and I can provide you with his family contacts if you would like.

There is a memorial service for David on --/--/---- at *********.

I'm sorry David. I wish you could know that when you called to chat and in the end I promised to meet up in the city when I get the chance, I was serious. And when you called again and I said the same thing again I was serious too. I did finally email you and leave a message with a date I was free to meet; I wondered why you never replied. Comparing the dates, I now see that at that time you were........ dead. Shit! Fuckin' hell.